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Technical information
The orchestra is a "worry-free" formation, taking care of its needs, such as work permits and visas, transcontinental and local travel, hotels, etc. Generally, the orchestra travels via chartered coach while on tour.

Following are its technical requirements on stage:

STAGE AREA - 26 feet wide x 13 feet deep (4 by 8 meters).
    Smaller areas can be discussed.
SEATING - 19 chairs for rehearsal, 17 chairs for performance
    (double bass stool not required).
MUSIC STANDS - orchestra provides own music stands.
CONDUCTOR PODIUM - not required.
ACOUSTIC SHELL - when available and deemed
    appropriate by the technical staff.
LIGHTING - appropriate for orchestra performance,
    adjusted at rehearsal as required.
SOUND - no special requirement; microphone is required
    for school concerts.
DRESSING ROOMS - 1 for conductor. 1 for ladies. 1 for men.
REHEARSAL TIME - generally takes place two hours prior
    to the doors being opened to the public.

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